Our Activities,Mission and Vision

Our main activities are to provide spiritual and moral counseling to those in need of them.
We carry out our activities with serious intercessions. Our team of INTERCESSORS demonstrates confidence and belief in the scripture as God's divine inspiration and guidance.

We pray without ceasing (1Thess 5:7), we pray always, we pray until something positive happens in your life, we pray until heavens open. We do not faint (Luke18:1).

Our Ministry is a “PRAYING MINISTRY”, Prayer is one of our services/Activities; we use the word of God, The Scripture which is God’s inspiration to Garnish our Prayers. As the Holy Spirit leads and instructs, we embark on PRAYER and FASTING (Act 14:23) for stubborn problems to be removed. However, we are anxious for nothing (Phil 4:6).

We are “INTERCESSORS”, we intercede for the sick and they get healed. We intercede for the afflicted, and they are set free, we intercede for the hopeless and their hopes are restored. We intercede for those in Bondage, and the bondages are broken.

We are “COUNCELORS”, we provide counseling for the depressed oppressed and addicted. They are restored and reintegrated into the society.

We are “EDUCATORS”, we teach NOT ONLY the counsel of God and the Bible doctrine, we are also academic educators and CAREER counselors.


We operate a Bible College and Seminary (REDEMPTION COLLEGE). In the nearest future, we intend to set up “A REDEMPTION CENTRE”, which shall harbor (i) “REDEMPTION KITCHEN”, a place where the orphans, widows, homeless and the hungry will be feed and catered for. (ii) “REDEMPTION SHELTER”, providing shelter for those who qualify for the shelter.(iii) “RESTORATION CENTRE” which shall be a centre for diverse Christian activities, such as seminars, marriages and reception, conferences and such activities that are in line with our Christian doctrine. (iv) REDEMPTION CHRISTAIN SCHOOL,(Elementary and High School) which shall be a regular school, teaching from Pre-school to high School level.

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